Charcoal the in thing

Charcoal has been in the beauty industry from the time of Cleopatra. The long forgotten beauty secret is now gaining vast media attention after scientific proof of its immense value and its gaining popularity in the recent times. Our ancestors used it for decades to various purposes, from skin care to oral health. Until recently charcoal, better known as activated carbon was used as a purifier in fish tank air filters and mineral water filters.

Charcoal as a beauty product is believed to be one of the latest life changing ingredient in the beauty and oral care industry.

• The activated carbon charcoal in facial cleansers, deep cleansers and extracts out impurities.

• Peel off Mask with charcoal is an amazing product which actually pulls out any pollutants in the skin. Its ability to absorb oil and debris from pores on the face and body and show it when the mask is pulled off is the feature that makes it more popular among fast result oriented users. After all rapid results is a must in today’s world of speed.

• Scrubs with activated charcoal also known as a pumice-charcoal bar, is used to scrub your way to a smoother softer skin

• Cleansing sponges with charcoal is used to massage cleanser into your skin with the dampened sponge to makeup, minimize pores and stimulate blood circulation for a healthy, glowing complexion.

• Tooth pastes with charcoal soaks up toxins and whitens teeth.

• Tooth brushes with has bristles infused with charcoal.

• Shampoo with charcoal promises squeaky clean strands of hair.

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