What To Do About Acne Caused By The Heat

Have you ever wondered why, in the middle of a heatwave your face, instead of becoming dry, gets oily? And that oil leads to a score of little bumps all over your face? Unfortunately sun damage and the drying of skin causes your skin to secrete even more oil than it usually does, and when the oil mixes with grime and sweat your face becomes a hotbed of clogged pores and angry little pimples.

#1. W a t e r

This cannot be emphasized enough. It’s because your skin gets dry that oil production increases, so we must replenish the water that we sweat, by drinking or eating it, so that we don’t let our skin get too dry and allow for excess oil.

#2. Exfoliate

Excess oil production is inevitable though, so you’ll have to clean up your face and cleanse your pores. Pollution is a huge problem as well. Scrub your face gently with face scrubs, or chemical exfoliators, and moisturize afterwards to soothe your skin.

#3. (Try to) Avoid the sun

Protect your face with sunscreen, wear a hat, stay in the shadows as much as possible, and rock those massive sunglasses. Using makeup that has SPF built into it will help.

#4. Creams and Remedies

Find a cream that targets acne specifically and stick to it – combined with all your preventive measures you’ll be able to get rid of your acne as well. Research oils and home remedies that will help and use them as often as necessary as well.

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