Skin Healthy Week by Vaseline

Vaseline embarked on a unique Public Service Announcement on looking after your body skin. Intricately studied, Vaseline put together a panel of experts comprising of Nilushi Jayathilake, Munazza Rafiq (Brand Manager -Dove), Ramani Fernando, Rozanne Diaz and Dr. Lasith Uyanage to have an informed discussion and to educate women in Sri Lanka on how important healthy skin is.


Dr. Lalith kicked off the discussion by speaking on how important our diet can be to our skin and stressed on the important of protein & omega 3 fatty acid. Talking our current tropical situation, Dr Lalith went on to share how changes in temperature/climate can affect our skin. Gaining momentum further, Ramani Fernando started to talk body skin issues that women go through from experience. “we take our skin for granted” observed Ramani. She went on to stress on the importance of water intake and the use of a proven adult moisturizer to control the health of the skin.


Shedding a different light Ramani Fernando went on to talk about the effort we put on facial skin, whilst neglecting the rest of our body skin. Rozanne Dias (Trainer/Choreographer) stated that a model is not only judged at face value but by the entire tone of her skin. She went on to talk about simple steps to look after your body. “After taking a shower; spend 2 minutes to moisturize your skin, have a healthy lifestyle and re hydrate”.

Nilushi Jayathilaka started by speaking about 145 year old brand that has been exclusively look at healing and protecting skin.

A trip down memory lane was displayed showing “the story of vaseline”. Nilushi started to educate the audience on the diversity of vaseline by encasing the availability of the product and the portfolio vaseline has to cater for our skin through any climatic condition locally.


Lastly Munazza Rafiq spoke about the current campaign. Taking a practical approach, Munazza spoke about Vaselines mobility campaign, where experts will travel in the Vaseline Truck to all parts of the island and will help the modern Sri Lankan woman with proper advice on how to maintain having healthy body skin.

The floor was open for a Q & A session.

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