Skin Assurance

The unpredictable weather is taking a toll on our most precious organ of all, our skin. One day you decided to pamper you self with heavy moisturizers due to hiking temperature, the next day it’s moist and cold. Fluctuating temperatures is the sneaky culprit of depleting skin condition. Finding the right skin care regime is tough due to the current weather.

Dehydration is a common cause of dry skin, but there are many seldom known factors that has to be considered before deciding on a reliable skin care regime. Our skin naturally contains oils to protect it from damage, however it only protects to a certain extent, harsh weather, wrong food choices and exposure to direct sunlight can give rise to problematic skin.

Know your skin

A simple skin test will reveal the type of skin you have, but take caution on prolonged reliance in the test. The external factor like the weather will always play a major role on the type of skin. Our skin type is not always the same, it is bond to change over time.

Skin Do’s and Don’ts

• Do hydrate as often as possible. Avoid fizzy drinks at all cost.
• Don’t expose yourself to sunlight without a sunblock,
• Do indulge yourself on plenty of fruits.
• Don’t overdo processed food.
• Do lubricate with lavish moisturizers. Make sure it suits your skin type.
• Don’t use harsh cleansers and toners.
• Do your skin a favor of masking. Use natural masks like egg white, aloe avocado yoghurt or turmeric.
• Don’t compensate on slumber. Adequate sleep repairs and replenishes skin.
• Do use reliable cosmetic brands. Do a patch test before choosing any new product.

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