Preventing acne outbursts during this sweaty weather

As a victim of the glaring diva called acne, the heated kiss of the sun is always unwelcome. From natural cleansers to regularly washing sheets, here are some pointers that can get you through this dreary weather

1. Water 2.0

Hydration is the bane of humid weather. Water removes toxins from the body and dirt collected in the pores. Adding cucumber slices and lemon juice into your daily intake of water is an effective hydration technique- a solid promise in our quest against acne, followed by radiant skin.

2. Natural Moisturizers

In our endeavor to maintain healthy skin, we turn to major brands for their chemical induced problem fixing mentality. Unfortunately, certain products don’t agree with our pompous skin types. Applying raw honey to areas intruded by our unwanted companions is an effective road to repairing skin and protecting it against humidity.

3. Fresh sheets

Although being human is the ability to constantly procrastinate around chores, the bacteria on our sheets refuse to cooperate during these difficult times. An area contacted by skin will always leave behind bacterial gifts- adding fuel to a possible acne outbreak during this weather. This tip is not limited to the bedroom, inhibiting sweaty clothing for a long period of time is an acne dream. In order to prevent these nightmares, change sheets regularly and immediately discard dirty clothing.

4. Exercise

An effective method of prevention is submersing the body in routine workout sessions. Exercise aids the increase of blood circulation and the subsequent removal of cell waste. Sweating during physical activities is also a satisfactory method of removing toxins from the body- although immediate skin care is necessary in order to prevent acne caused by sweat: freshen up as soon as the session is over.

5. Consistency

One of the main rules of skin care, the secret behind the victors of this acne battle; the ability to maintain a timetable. By instilling a morning and night routine, staying hydrated, moisturizing, washing, changing sheets, and removing sweat coated clothes- the ability to wake up free of acne monsters lie in our treatment regime and consistency.
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