How to take care of the most important garment you own

Imagine owning a beautiful silk dress, a soft, glowing one that makes you feel like a princess whenever you wear it. It’s priceless and it can’t be replaced. How do you think you’d take care of it?

Of course you’d be super careful! You wouldn’t want to tear it and you’d make sure to wash it very carefully. So why don’t you do that with your skin? Our skin is all kinds of amazing, by far the most important garment that we own. It’ll be with us our whole life and we have to take care of it! So how do we do that?

First off, find out what your skin type is. Is it oily, dry or normal? Finding products that match your skin will really help. Protect your skin form the sun, wear hats and scarves when you can and definitely remember to wear sunscreen! Hot showers may feel amazing but lukewarm or cold showers are what’s best for your skin. When you dry your skin with your towel, gently pat your arms and legs dry. These will help keep your skin soft and not irritate

Of course it’s what goes on inside that matters too. To hydrate your skin, try to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day. Eat a balanced meal with lots of leafy green vegetables, and try to stay away from foods that are bad for your skin. Get your beauty sleep! Lack of sleep means your body has less time to refresh itself and regenerate which means you’ll have dry, tired skin if you don’t sleep enough.


Try to build a skin regiment so that you moisturise yourself every day, possibly before going to sleep. That way you’ll wake up with soft, glowing skin! So take care of your skin like it’s the best dress you own because, it kinda is!

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