How to combat A/C Skin!

I’m pretty sure we can’t live without air conditioning, I mean it’s bad enough that we have to walk through the intense sunlight when we’re running errands but imagine if we had to sit in our workplaces and only rely on a fan? Pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to handle that!

So yeah, A/C is a lifesaver. We’re glad we can chill in it and protect our skin from the sun. But what about the damage that the a/c is doing to your skin??
The A/C may make you feel cool and forget the heat of the sun but it actually removes moisture from your body, leaving your skin cells dry and depleted. If you work for hours in an air conditioned environment, that means your skin will be pretty dry at the end of the day and may even end up flakey, red and itchy.

To make sure your skin doesn’t get too dry, hydration is important. Drink water. This cannot be emphasised enough, especially because we usually don’t get thirsty in the a/c! It’s still very very important, and you can even drink tea/coffee or eat fruits that have lots of water in them. Have a moisturiser with you so you can apply it on your arms and legs whenever you feel like it, and maybe a hand cream as well so your fingers don’t get chapped. This is where lip balm would be useful too!

Moisturise after a good shower (cold is better than hot!) as well, so that your skin will be ready for the onslaught of cold air the next day! Air Conditioning is a gift to humankind, and we would probably be uncomfortable without it, but it’s good to remember these tips so you can keep your skin hydrated and soft no matter what!


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