Everything you need to know about Skin Pigmentation

If you are worried about uneven skin tone- you can blame Skin Pigmentation. Most Sri Lankan women struggle to cover up dark spots that turn up on the face, neck, shoulders and arms. What could really be causing skin pigmentation?

Experts believe that skin exposure to UVA rays causes pigmentation and aging. There are two types of pigmentation, namely – Hypopigmentation and Hyperpigmentation.

Hypopigmentation is a skin disorder in which patches of skin become lighter in color than the normal surrounding skin. Women are often seen with white patches on their face and neck, prior to diagnosis. Hyperpigmentation is a skin disorder that darkens areas of skin, which is caused by the overproduction of melanin.

What really causes Skin Pigmentation?

Experts believe that sun exposure, genetics, stress, menopause, and hormonal changes during pregnancy or during prolonged use of birth control, are the main causes of Skin pigmentation.

Taking care of your skin

Even though skin pigmentation is not a serious condition, having dark spots and uneven skin can be really embarrassing. Prevention is the easiest way to go. Always use sun protection and a good moisturizer that protects your delicate skin from harmful UVA rays. Experts’ advice that moisturizing thrice a day can give you clear skin- so why not keep your skin glowing? If you have concerns regarding an increasing number of dark spots, always speak to a dermatologist.

Always remember to keep your skin healthy and young with a good diet, lots of water and a great moisturizer.

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