Pulling Off the Perfect Look: For Girls with Spectacles

Of all things unfair in the beauty realm, this ought to be number 1, especially when you have to wear glasses out of necessity rather than by choice. Whether you wear the coolest pair of glasses for fashionable purposes or your optician cursed you with it, dive into the following tips to make the best use of your makeup.

1. Divert the attention

Image: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/pIWDYbmyz2I/maxresdefault.jpg

Since the first thing anyone notices on your face are your spectacles, amp up your eyes with a little bit of shimmer or colour to divert the attention to your eyes if your eyes look small behind the glasses. But if your glasses magnify your eyes, opt for a matte look.

2. Deal with Sebum

Oily skin causes your glasses to slide down your nose. Use primer and foundation with oil absorbing properties in order to avoid an oily look and marks on your face.

3. Eye Primer

Use it on the eyelid and under the eyes as it will prevent smudging and creasing.

4. Concealer

Image: http://ghk.h-cdn.co/assets/16/16/1600×800/landscape-1460995655-ghk-40makeup-07.jpg

Since dark circles are inevitable when you wear glasses, use of a concealer around your eyes is a must. Corrective colour concealers will help you to skillfully deal with blemishes and other marks on your nose as well.

5. Mascara

Use a waterproof mascara to avoid it from tainting your glasses. Depending on whether the glasses magnify your eyes or make them look smaller, choose to separate your lashes or add more volume respectively.

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