Hygiene essentials in using make-up

‘Cleanliness’ may seem to be not so important when it comes to using make-ups. But, the reality can be the complete opposite as it can create irreversible damage to your skin in the long-run. So, see if you have forgotten any of the following habits that are essential to keep your looks going.

01. Clean hands:

Our hands are a source of germs. It not only picks up germs from surfaces but also transfers them from surface to surface. Therefore, practice hand washing prior to using make-ups to avoid skin irritation. Simply wash using soap and water or else use a sanitizer.

02. Clean make-up tools:

Make up tools can also be a hot bed for germs due to accumulation of old make-up overtime. The situation can be devastating, especially in a place like a beauty salon, as the brushes are used on many different clients regularly without cleaning. So, disinfect all your make-up tools time to time to prevent skin issues.

03. Sharing make-up items:

You may share your make-up items and tools with your close friends and family members regularly. This can be a quick way of spreading bacteria and germs amongst each other. Especially “lipsticks” and “lip glosses” are anyway used on highly germinal skin surfaces that can lead to serious skin issues later on due to sharing. Therefore, try to avoid sharing and keep your makeup items and tools personal to you.

04. Old make-up items:

Expiry date is an extremely important indication to see if you are using old or new products on your face. Old products can be unhygienic for two reasons – one is the accumulation of germs and bacteria; the other is the change of its chemical composition. Both these scenarios can make your skin susceptible to irritation. Therefore, remove all your expired items in the makeup box right away.
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