How to create a flawless face: makeup tips for working women

Ever wonder how supermodels get that flawless face? Thanks to amazing makeup tips we can all pull off an uber flawless Bella Hadid look at work. The secret is to understand the basics of make-up and it’s guaranteed that you won’t need a professional makeup artist ever again.

Know your shade

This applies to concealer, foundation, and highlighting palettes. Pick the shade that matches your skin tone and dab-dab-dab! Never apply concealer on your eyelids as a base – it will crease and crack around the lids. If you are looking for sheer foundation coverage use your fingers to dab around, and if you want a fuller coverage use a sponge or makeup brush.

Tip- if you run out of foundation, you can substitute it with a good BB Cream that works as well as a foundation and a blemishing balm to cover dark spots and unwanted blemishes.


Powder your T-zone

Do not forget to brush the T-zone area and where you tend to shine the most. ( hello oily skin!) Dust the powder lightly across the required areas and you are all set!

Highlight those cheeks

Thanks to highlighting palettes, women can’t really go wrong with this one. The highlights work well over a good BB Cream used as a base. All you need to do is pat BB Cream on your face and then highlight your cheek bones, chin and the sides of your nose.


Pick the right shade of lipstick

Matt shades work best for working women, so pick your favorite matt lip cream and dab away! Do not forget to moisturize your lips with a good balm to keep your lips from flaking ( the air-condition at work can be real d-bag). If you have run out of lip balm, dab on some Vaseline Jelly. It works just as good.

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