Avoid Makeup Nightmares During Hot Weather

Being in a tropical country we should be used to this warm weather but when the heat turns up a notch, we can’t help but freak out. The heat wave currently doing the rounds makes frequent visits so knowing how to keep your makeup on against the angry sun determined to melt your makeup calls for a few beauty hacks, exclusively for times as these or if you are one who sweats too much too soon.

1. Get the base makeup right

Start with picking an oil free moisturizer with SFP for enduring moisturizing and protection against harmful UV rays.

High humidity levels can cause cream foundations to give a shiny look because you tend to sweat a lot therefore use a light foundation and primer. Less is more in hot weather when it comes to how many products you would like to add to your face. You don’t want them to turn cake-y!

2. T-zone

Image: https://beautyeditor.ca/.image/t_share/MTIxNDI3Mjk2MTA1MzAxNTE3/t-zone-face.jpg

T-zone includes the forehead, nose and chin and is the area prone to extreme sweat visibility. Use antiperspirant products and carry around blotting papers. These are handy when it comes to wiping off sweat with just a light press and useful before you go for a touch up.

3. Eyes

Image: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-otcgCnP9hN4/VYAL7Oo1ReI/AAAAAAAAONc/05dllaslfkg/s1600/IMG_9575.jpg

Since cream eye shadows and powder eye shadows pose longevity issues, the ideal way is to use cream eye shadow as a base and apply powder eye shadow over it to make it last longer.

When it comes to gel liners and mascara, opt for waterproof or long wear ones.

4. Lips

Image: http://mikhila.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/IMG_6702.jpg

Heavy matte is not the way to go even if it’s your personal favourite. Lipsticks bleed during hot weather, leaving ugly lines on your lips. Instead choose lip liners.

Stains and gloss with long lasting formulas are ideal choices too as you can easily apply lip balm on it without messing with the shade too much.

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