5 Lipstick Shades Every Girl Should Own

01. Classic Red

You can't go wrong with a nice bright red! This shade looks fantastic with pretty dresses, especially vintage, and can spruce up a casual tee + jeans like nobody’s business. Since the shade is so vivid, be careful when you draw it on and make sure to keep the lipstick in your bag if you need to top it up.

02. Nude

Nude can be a tricky colour, there is no one true shade. Finding a nude lipstick for darker skin tones can especially be a challenge unfortunately, but if you persist you can find one that hits your sweet spot – not too light and not too dark. This shade is great for a minimalist night outfit or a low-key everyday style.

03. Pink

A pinkish-cream can be a sweet little lipstick for daytime looks and for pulling off that I'm-not-wearing-makeup look. Again, go for a pink that blends with your skin tone and is on the light side. You can be a bit bolder and go for a brighter pink, which will be fun but not as versatile.

04. Wine Red

A sultry dark red is a perfect evening lipstick, and goes excellently with heavy dark eyes. It has a slight Goth feel to it, but also feels very royal and utterly gorgeous. Pull this one when you’re feeling especially fancy.

05. Purple

You've got to have one unusual shade in your arsenal! Purple is a great statement shade, very edgy but also elegant. It’s great for sophisticated day time occasions and versatile at night. A plum shade might be the most flattering, but a more neon shade of purple could be exciting as well.
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