Give and Take

In a world hell-bent on introducing a new dating rule every week (what are the latest terms? Oh yeah, ghosting, cushioning, zombieing, and what else?), holding onto a relationship because you are madly, deeply and eternally in love with one another calls for a really healthy paradigm to think and act from.
Kudos to positive romantic relationships but where do you draw the lines and how do you make sure you love both your partner and yourself equally in a healthy way?
It becomes very easy to take things for granted. Once the period of happy bubble hovering over you dissipates, a battle of opinions may creep up. Know how to deal with them in a positive way.

1. More positive. Less negative.

When you communicate, talk more of your partner’s good qualities than harping on the quirks that you don’t like. This will encourage them also to focus on your good rather than the bad, triggering a happier and warm aura around the two of you.

2. Compromises and sacrifices

Easier said than done because in a world where we are taught to place ourselves first, it becomes quite hard to identify the needs of another person, no matter how much we love them.

Cultivate a habit to consider their feelings when you make decisions because major decisions you take will have an impact on their life as well. So you can’t neglect their thoughts on it.

3. Drawing the line

This is done as a one way safety net but to be fair, make sure you tell your partner where you draw the line and be willing to accept their boundaries too. This is best discussed at the beginning of the relationship because living in a world full of assumptions, never openly talking about what you would allow and won’t, pushes people away when they don’t understand how your mindset works on matters. Making each other aware of your boundaries creates better understanding and respect for one another.

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