Dealing with your BFF bridezilla

As we watch our best friends get ready for the big day, it’s only normal that we observe/are a part of the rising tensions and anxiety that arise in preparation for it. As with anything, this could also be overwhelming; so why not get your mind prepared to tackle anything that comes in your way?

1. Don’t

As important as it is to be there for your best friend throughout her highs and lows, it is always a safer bet to be neutral in any situation and let her blow off steam in the method she's comfortable with. Keeping a safe distance is always a wise bet when emotions are running wild and reasoning is ignored.

2. Throw some compliments her ways from said safe distance

At the end of the day, what your best friend does require is reassurance that her day is going to be as perfect as she had imagined it to be. While she probably might come to you for an honest opinion, sometime holding back that opinion may actually work better for everyone!

3. Treat her to some time out

Embarking on planning any event is no easy task, top it with the added pressure of it needing to be a night like no other is a nightmare. Ensuring that your best friend gets some time out from her rigorous schedule should be on your to do list! Be it treating her to a spa date or even just a casual night out can go a long way in calming them nerves!

4. Take care of the nittie-gritties

You don't always have to keep tending to the massive tasks, instead, take it upon yourself to complete the little tasks that are probably still weighing on the bride's head. It may surprise you as to how useful this may be in realizing her dream.

5. Take some time out for yourself

While you should be a call away during these times, you wouldn't be of much help when under stress as well. So take it easy and find out why she needs you before you go running to her door step. She'll appreciate a calmer figure holding her nerves together by her side on her big day!
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