5 Myths That Don’t Work

Listening to fairy-tales and knowing they aren’t true is one thing. What about some of the sayings and practices by the older generation that still do not make any sense?

I’m yet to find out the science behind the following: If you know, let us know in the comments section!

Expect visitors when the crow caws

The crow is an omnivorous bird that caws whenever it sees or smells food to gather its flock. The only correlation I could make is that people make yummy food when they anticipate visitors, thus making crows gather in the vicinity and caw their guts out. Does this make the crow a prophet?

Gecko’s clicking sound makes your words come true

That moment when your grandma says something and she hears the gecko’s clicking sound, she goes “Ahh.. see the gecko agrees, it’ll come to pass…” Wait! What? How can this disgusting reptile decide what is true or false? I should probably take a gecko to my next university exam to score well in all true/false questions. Can somebody please explain?

Stop the baby’s hiccups? Take a piece of thread off its nappy, moist it with your spit and keep it on the side of its forehead.

Oh ok.. So you’re telling me that infection is never a problem when someone decides to moist that thread with their spit and keep it on your baby’s forehead? Yes, spit does contain some healing properties, but does that justify anyone’s spit-moist thread on your baby?

Let the newly married woman prove her virginity by letting her to have intercourse on a piece of white cloth

On this day and age where women are moving towards tampon usage (though not so wide-spread in Sri Lanka as yet), this theory is futile. Moreover it’s proven that women could have thin hymen and even no or already damaged hymen if they’ve been using tampons or do strenuous sports.

Seclude girls and not allow them to look at men at puberty

This theory too doesn’t makes sense in the modern era. Women were given off in marriage at a very young age back in the days but they hit puberty at 14-16. Therefore once a girl hits puberty this seclusion was necessary to be taught of her role as a woman. Nowadays the age of puberty has decreased to as low as 7 years. Not allowing a child to play or look at their own male relatives is nothing more than torture.
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