Top five places for hair care in Sri Lanka

It’s amazing how a small country such as Sri Lanka has produced a host of talented stylists who play a significant role in getting us glammed up for numerous occasions.


If you’re looking to change your look to one that is more daring and edgy, Kess is exactly where you should visit. With stylists who are not afraid to experiment with all types of hair, it’s an added advantage that they are extremely good at their job!

Tip: Kess is one of the few salons that know how to take care of curly hair, so if you do want to tackle that mane – ask for Vasantha for your next hair appointment!


Colouring your hair is no easy choice given the need for increased post care treatment. However, this can be minimized (not to be used as an excuse to neglect your hair!) with the right products and application. Chagall should be your go – to option for this service given their success in the field and their ability to cater to any style you choose!

Tip: They have a number of hair treatment options including the Keratin treatment that helps tame your frizz especially in this humid weather.

Ramani’s Salon

A Colombo staple, Ramani’s has evolved into catering to every need any Sri Lankan girl could come across. While their specialties are vast; they are known for their chic and elegant cuts and amazing blow outs that complement them.

Toni & Guy

An international chain that is new to the Lankan waters, Toni & Guy have effortlessly made their way into the market. Personally, the best part about this salon is the fabulous products they use from their own range that are also globally acclaimed.

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