Products to use when styling

Living in a tropical country, it is inherent that we spend a considerable amount of time taming our hair to be less unruly and slightly more presentable via a host of heat tools. However, the damage caused as a result of exposing our hair to constant wear and tear can be excessive. This though, is preventable – with a few pre and post styling products – your hair is good to go!

Pre Styling

Condition condition condition! This adds some much needed moisture in your hair so don’t skip out on this hair care routine even if you’re feeling slightly lazy. Running along some leave in condition onto wet hair also keeps your hair hydrated thus resulting in healthier and shinier hair!

If your hair is on the curlier side, opt for a leave in conditioner that specifically treats curly hair, as this helps preserve your natural curls and will be especially useful if that is the look you prefer to sport (as you should!)

Another important aspect to consider is doing a weekly hair mask treatment. Be it a DIY hair mask or off the shelf, these masks helps revitalize your hair and roots. On the other hand oiling it on a weekly basis is also an alternative that will help restore your damaged hair.

Heat Protector: just before you do start styling your hair, make sure to use ample heat protector to prevent any excess damage. These come in various brands and for various hair types so do find out what works for you!

Post styling

Make sure to use a light hair moisturizing cream or styling oils such as the argon oil that will add the extra shine while also making it smoother and easing out the frizz.

Although different hair types require different hair products which would impact your overall look, incorporating this hair care routine before subjecting your hair to any other tools will help keep it fresh even when you opt to go au natural!

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