Keep Cool With These Hairstyles

The unending days of relentless sunshine, melting in sweat and the realization that no, you’re not drinking enough water are upon us. Unfortunately, life goes on and we can’t all simply take refuge in a/c rooms clutching ice cold cokes and hoping for the sun to go away when we aren’t looking. So how do we stop our hair turning into a sweaty mess that sticks to our face every time we step out of the front door? Here are two basic and customizable ways.


Sticky, sweaty fringes sticking to your forehead are the worst, so braid your bangs to the side and clip it to keep it there. Finish it off with a high ponytail for a day out or a low bun, or side bun for work.

Crown braids securely keep your hair off your face and neck as well! Braid down both sides of your hair and tie the ends with hair ties, then wrap them around your head and secure with pins.

A messy side fishtail braid is great for looking cute while hanging out outdoors, because the messier it is, the cuter!

Double Dutch braids, or boxer braids as they’re sometimes called, are a great way to keep long hair off your face, and are definitely edgy and cool right now.


The easiest bun for a casual day out is the top knot, simply twist all of your onto the top of your head and secure with a scrunchie or hair tie. Leaving a section of hair out and braiding it to curl around the bun is a cute way of doing this a little differently!

Tie three ponytails at the nape of your neck, and curl each one into a bun. Leave it a little messy and secure with pins and hairspray for a unique and cool work or formal look. Or try just one bun to the side.

A half up do is a good way to lift your hair and keep it off your face while letting you have your hair down at the same time.

Tying pigtails, Harley Quinn style and turning them into poofy buns is also a cute look!

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