How to take care of fine hair

We all knows the problems of having thick unruly hair, of wild untamed tresses that don’t yield to brushes. But we don’t talk enough about fine hair, when the shaft is so thin that if you have straight hair it will hang limply and wavy hair will barely hold a curl. Fine hair has its benefits – it’s soft and shiny and neat, but it also gets oily pretty fast; just touching it with your hands can weigh it down and sometimes that neatness becomes plain old boring because you don’t have a lot of versatility when it comes to styles!
So what can you do to make the most of your fine hair?


Your hair will get limp from oil and dirt building up at the roots, so wash it a few times a week to give it life. However, too much washing can strip your hair of its natural oils so that your scalp feels the need to overproduce oils. Use conditioner only on the tips of your hair, and not on your scalp.


Air drying fine hair is a good idea, especially if you can let it dry half way and then put it in a bun and sleep on it overnight – in the morning you’ll wake to messy tresses with soft waves. If you do blow dry your mane, do it with your hair upside down, and target the roots of your hair to give it more volume.


You don’t need to go at your hair with a fine tooth comb, use a brush and lightly neaten it (upside down if you like) but too much brushing will reduce the volume of your hair.


Texturising spray and dry shampoo (for when your hair is dirty and you’re in a pinch) are your best friends. Curling irons will probably not curl your hair well, so experiment with no heat overnight ways to curl your hair.

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