How to maintain a clean head of hair!

Does your hair feel oily and disgusting? White dandruff flakes all over your clothes and you feel like you have the worst head of hair? Fear not! Here’s a simple guide on how you can maintain a clean and clear head of hair!

01. Wash your hair two-three times a week, maximum!
02. Wash your brushes! They are the first to pick up any dirt from your hair, so keep them clean.
03. Don’t over wash colored hair because it can lose its shine quickly with too much washing.
04. Brush your hair twice a day, bottom for untangled, and perfect hair!
05. Avoid hot showers as they result in hair breakage and make sure you shampoo your scalp and not your roots.
06. Use clean scarves and hats to prevent the industrial pollutants from giving your hair bad smells and extra dirt
07. Don't neglect your dandruff! Use a good shampoo which will CLEAR it effectively!

Keep your head clean, healthy and clear always.

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