How to flaunt your natural hair

We’ve all been tricked to believing that super shiny, silk straight hair is the only type that can be flaunted. Not everyone has been blessed with easy to maintain hair and trying to change your beautiful locks to a straightened out look will only cause more harm than good. Rock your natural look with a boost of confidence and these hair care

1. Keep it healthy

Moisturize your hair with an oil based shampoo and conditioner, which will remove impurities but retain the moisture in your hair. Using oils such as olive oil and almond oil before a shower is also effective in giving your hair some much needed nourishment

2. Let it dry

As impatient as you may be, the best way to let your hair take its natural form is through air drying. Leaving it over-night to dry may be a better option thus allowing you to style it accordingly the following morning.

3. Stay away from the heat applicants

Let’s be honest, feeling the heat emit from your styling products is never pleasant and causes more damage and breakage to your hair. If you do need to use them, always opt for a heat protector so the damage to your hair is reduced significantly.

4. Don't use too many products

As frustrating as it may be, using multiple products may only worsen your situation. Thus keep your hair care routine simple, with a slight degree of variation. Opt instead for using a leave-in conditioner with moisturizing properties with the least amount of chemicals. This will ensure your hair looks healthy and less dry.

5. Never skip a hair appointment

While it may be a costly affair, skipping your hair appointment may actually cost your locks way more! Irrespective of how much care you put into your hair, split ends can only be dealt with through a trim. So make sure you do so the moment you notice any breakage.

6. Diet is key

Finally, all this effort will be deemed useless if your diet mainly consists of chicken nuggets and diet coke. After all, the key to healthy hair is also great nutrition and lots of water. Ensuring that your diet is full of low- fat proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy products will make your hair look healthier and help you sport your natural look with confidence!
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