Hot Right Now: Hair Trends You Must Check Out!

There is no better way to jazz up your look than to try something crazy with your hair. It stands out, gives you flair – and makes you feel fabulous. Hair trends have been getting more and more exciting, we have come a long way from when Rihana’s gradual bob was as crazy as it got. Check out these 5 amazing trends which are very hot right now!

1. Ombre Hair

This basically means that you allow the colour palette of your hair to gradually get lighter from root to tip, giving you a glamourous sleek look. This look is great when you have dark hair, so that when colour grows out it hardly shows. You can try this in all sorts of combinations and be as conservative or as crazy as you please.


2. Mermaid Hair

What little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a mermaid? This hair trend allows you to make your dream come true, using amazing sea-inspired colours. Works best on long hair, go for blues and greens that make you think of the ocean. For the really adventurous ladies, try some yellow to give it an extra twist.


3. Hidden Rainbow Hair

Not so sure you want to walk around with so many colours in your hair? Or do you work in a fairly conservative office which prevents you from showing your crazy side? Then this hair trend is for you! The rainbow colours are hidden under the first layer of hair, only showing when you lift it up. Leave it down for day, and then twist it up to show off the rainbow at night!


4. Silver Grey Hair

Step aside please archchi’s! The young and the beautiful have decided to try our silve grey hair, once only worn by old ladies and my word they are rocking it. It looks soft, sleek and really sophisticated. Like the Ombre you can go dark to light from root to tip, so that the hassle when it grows out is reduced. Bonus? Looks stunning when it catches the light


5. Unicorn Hair

A mixture of the ombre and mermaid hair – the unicorn hair trend has been blowing up the beauty charts all year. Women are taking gorgeous, light pastel shades and layering the colours to transform themselves into stunning unicorns. Pastel shades look great on nearly any skin tone and also fade out fairly easily unlike darker colours. This trend looks like it will stick around so give it a shot!


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