Dove: Play With Your Hair!

Dove’s haircare products are known world-wide for being amazingly good to hair, and now they’re spreading that goodness over the next few months. You know what January is? It’s a good time to have a popular name! Dove is trying to encourage girls to play with their hair and boost their confidence, so they’re offering all girls with certain names free gifts! Head on to their Facebook page pages to look out for what the name is, or help guess what the next name is!
This month Dove is encouraging girls to play with their hair, and have fun while doing so. You can post pictures of your hair to social media, inspiring others and gaining inspiration from your friends. They’re also awarding free gift packs that will be delivered by uber! Uploading pictures of your hair transformation after using Dove will also be an awesome way to win more haircare tools.
There will also be Dove play stations that will spring up in popular places such as Majestic City and Crescat, in partnership with The Cutting Station. If you buy a shampoo and conditioner you can get your hair straightened and blow dried for free. You’ll also get advice from the stylist, and you can ask them anything you need to know about hair care. Salons will also have special stickers on mirrors and if you take a selfie with the sticker in the picture after some nifty hair styling then you can win a special dove pack as well! As an extra special treat, if you buy a styling tool from Abans in this month then you can get a special gift pack as well.
Thus, this is the month to really play with your hair and enjoy being able to have fun with your hair without worrying about damage, because Dove will take care of that!

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