The Unicorn Trend

From psychedelic makeup to vibrant hair and colourful food, the unicorn trend is inescapable. Celebrities like Jenna Dewan Tatum and Taylor Swift have dressed up as the mythical creatures for Halloween and various makeup companies have released glittery palettes, lipsticks and brushes, not to mention one of Snapchat’s favourite filters – the unicorn that vomits rainbows!

It seems in the midst of the turmoil of the world, we want to escape into the fantasy of our childhood (think My Little Pony cartoons!) or… we just really like colourful stuff!

Unicorn Frappuccino

For a limited amount of time (literally only a few days) Starbucks offered a swirly unicorn themed Frappuccino, one that changed colour and flavour as you drank it, topped off with a swoop of whipped cream sprinkled with pink and purple ‘fairy’ flakes. The drink was extremely popular and caused quite a sensation on social media.

Unicorn Hair

Usually going for a blend of pastel pink and purple mixed in with some grey, and possibly some glitter, unicorn hair is ethereal and only briefly attainable – but boy does it look amazing.

Unicorn Makeup

Holographic style nails, unicorn horn makeup brushes, glitter, bright shimmery purple lipstick, the unicorn look is everywhere on social media! The trend is immensely popular, allowing people to get creative and take the pastel aesthetic to the next level.

Unicorn Fashion

A number of high end designers have incorporated unicorns into their designs – think Elle Fanning’s Vivienne Westwood dress at Cannes 2017 as well as Valentino’s unicorn covered LBD – and the trend continues across sweaters, skirts and even leggings.

Unicorn Food

Possibly the most popular iteration of the trend is unicorn food – from unicorn toast to cake to ice cream to anything! Balancing the colours with flavours that go together is a challenge but the results are always instagram worthy.

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