The Color Of The Year & How To Rock It

The Pantone color of the year 2017 is called ‘Greenery’; it’s a fresh and vibrant yellow -toned green that resembles the beginning of spring when nature’s greens come back to life. I love that the color of the year isn’t something people often wear; it’s going to be a brand new trend! So, Without further ado, Here’s how to style the color: Greenery.

1. Dressing it up

this color may be a light green hue, however it surprisingly looks really classy and dressy if worn by itself, a metallic version of the color (example a silk or satin fabric in this color) looks incredible if you’re trying to dress up, with everyone wearing either gold, bronze or silver this is the perfect new metallic shade to stand out and turn heads!

2. Wearing it casual

this is also a great color to wear casually, especially with the heat in sri lanka, you don’t want to be wearing dark colors. It looks great paired with many colors , best with black, white, brown, beige, darker shades of green and this may not sound too pleasing to the eye , but here’s a shocker; baby blue!! Wearing this color with baby blue is super chic and a rare color combination, try it out!

3. Accessories

Greenery makes the perfect color for accessories as it adds just the right amount of a color pop to your outfit!


This color looks super stylish on eyes and nails and will compliment most colors. Try doing a Smokey eye using eye shadow in this color and brown/black. You can also use it as a bold eye liner on your lower lash line.

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