Piercings ideas for your next piece of bling!

Traditionally and even in the modern context piercings are considered to be a form of body art that is constantly evolving. Even if you do have a couple of piercings, adding one more to the list is always an exciting opportunity that takes a great deal of thought and research. Here are some of our favourites;

1. Industrial Piercing

Also known as a bar piercing, this is when two piercings are connected with a single bar shaped earring. Located in the upper cartilage of the ear; precaution must be taken after as it will take up to six months to heal. However, the jewelry can be changed within two months.

2. Daith piercing

As ear piercings make a come-back with a large amount of new ideas (and old) ideas gaining popularity, the daith piercing is not one you’d want to miss out on! This fresh look you will want to try can also be paired well with a tragus or multiple lobe piercings. Additionally, due to its location further in your ear, it will require less time to heal.

3. Philtrum piercing

Also known as the medusa piercing; located just above the upper lip is for anyone looking to change their style with an edgy piece of jewelry. This piercing is also an incredible way of highlighting your lips and easily complements other piercings such as septum rings and nose piercings.

4. Septum piercing

This trend is one that is not going to disappear anytime soon. Septum piercings can be easily classified as cool with a hint of badass. The best part about this trend is that if you are not ready to go through the pain of a piercing, there are a number of faux rings you could wear that still gives out the same effect!

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