How To Look Chic With Glasses!

You know how the uncool girl in the movies is invariably in glasses? Somehow Hollywood and now the rest of us have this idea that glasses just aren’t chic, but seriously, glasses can be pretty stylish!


First off, try to match your frames to the shape of your face. Having a pair of glasses that are chic in themselves is like 97% of your job done. Wayfarer lens are timeless, and round lenses can be cute and geeky at the same time. Depending on your style and what flatters you, choose a pair of frames that you’ll love! Don’t be afraid to experiment, and if you want to, get a pair that turns into sunglasses when you step outside for that extra dash of cool.


If you think that wearing glasses means that makeup isn’t possible then think again! Eyemakeup can look spectacularly behind glasses, but make sure to draw on your eyeliner and shadow darker than usual so that they can be seen. Focus on your lips, a bright lipstick will go a long way! Depending on the thickness of your frames you may want to be bolder with your makeup so that it balances out your sunglasses. Classic reds, deep burgundies and pretty pinks can be your choices for a variety of occasions – whether everyday, work or parties.


Keep your glasses in mind when you get a haircut, and try to shape your cut to frame your face in a flattering manner. Bangs are a good idea, as are side swept fringes. A stark, sharp bob will look great as well. Pulled back buns are good for professional events, but having your loose or in bouffant ponytails is a cute style for every day.

And there you have it! Don’t let what other people say about glasses hold you back, own your style and have fun with it!

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