How to choose the perfect lingerie

Being a woman is no easy task, from caring for yourself to picking the right lingerie and clothes everything may seem like an equation. We’re here to help you out with a significant part of this, so read these tips for the next time you step outside for some new lingerie;

1. Identify your body-type

The lingerie you wear is key to accentuating the shape of your body. As good as the lingerie looks on your body, it is also important to see its effect when you are clothed giving you an idea on which styles work best for you.

2. Size is everything

Getting fitted by an expert may be just what you need to find the right size that doesn’t cause any gapping at the cup or the band snagging against your back. However, the key to finding the perfect lingerie is finding the right styles that go with your size and gives you that extra confidence boost everyone requires.

3. Opt for high quality fabrics

Setting out to find the right lingerie means you need to also pay attention to the quality of the fabrics. Not only does this influence the fit but also your comfort levels. Opting for higher quality fabrics also results in longer lasting lingerie that will continue to make you feel fabulous.

4. Look for sets or neutral tones

Purchasing sets rather than individual pieces may be just the right thing to do especially because each bra is made for a certain type or style of underwear. If you do purchase individual pieces of each try steer clear away from bright colours and myriads of patterns. Instead, purchase pieces that are easy to pair and can be worn under a host of different clothes.

5. Make it all about you

Finally, the key to buying the perfect lingerie is identifying how you feel when wearing it. These two simple pieces have an immense impact on self-confidence and this will be translated the minute you slip them on.

Places to purchase lingerie in Colombo; Triumph, Amante, Odel, Secrets - Liberty Plaza

If you're looking for something more sophisticated like body suits - try; Midnight Divas, Odel
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