Fresh Floral: Put a New Twist on an Old Trend

It is that time of year again on the fashion calendar – springtime! This means that the time honoured favourite trend of floral patterns will be making their way back on to the frontline. As a girly-girl myself I sometimes feel that this trend has been hacked too many times for it to be original! I can only imagine that those of you who prefer sometime a little edgier struggle to see how this can be incorporated into your look.

Putting a new twist on an old trend is easier than you would think – and all you must do is take the trend to its basics. With florals, it is all about the flowers. While often it is found on the patterns of clothes, what it is about is the gorgeous feminine flowers. If you have that – you are golden!

One of my personal favourite twists on the trend is to incorporate it into a much edgier and contrasting look to help it really stand out. For example, an all-black goth outfit with a floral headband looks amazing, or even floral tights under a plain top and combat boots. You can have girly, edgy and badass all in one look!

When looking at headbands and other floral accessories, don’t be afraid to re-imagine the trend in your favourite colours and styles. Florals don’t always have to mean lots of little flowers in pastel shades, they can be anything that you like. I for one am a huge fan of the single massive flower in my hair. You can also try black or dark blue flowers on headbands, or even a single flower pinned to your dress.

Another amazing way to twist the trend is to include floral pieces to your outfit in the form of accessories or pieces that you don’t commonly find it on. For example, a floral-patterned bag or blazer can work wonders. I also love floral shawls which are great for rainy days.

You can also always stick to the classics of this trend – they never go out of style. A cute floral dress (with a leather blazer for you edgy ladies), skirt or blouse is simple and feminine. Remember that this is quite a crowded pattern so stick to a single piece and keep the rest of your outfit simple and plain.

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Sharanya Sekaram has harboured a passion for writing for longer than she can remember. She uses the opportunity to write on any and everything when possible - and believes that words can change lives. Sharanya also has an obsession with simplicity and straightforwardness being used in all aspects of one’s life.

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