Beating the Heat – Fashion and Beauty Tips for the Heatwave

Let’s face it – it is not just hot it is sweltering! The heat is getting to all of us – and most of all it is messing with our ability to look good. As this never-ending heatwave carries on, here are some things you can do to help you survive and stay as cool as possible.

Start with your daily routine

To avoid those icky sweat patches use a heavy duty, all-day deo! Also carry a small folding fan and spray bottle of water, it is amazing how fast that cools you down when you are stuck outdoors. I also swear by my wet-wipes, they freshen up even the sweatiest of faces.

Now on your makeup

As scary as it may sound, a full face of foundation-heavy makeup is not your friend in this weather! Stick to a light dusting of powder based products that won’t melt in the heat. If you are using foundation, mix a little sunscreen into it for extra protection.

When it comes to clothes

We promise it is easier than you think. Stick to light, breathable fabrics like cotton and avoid synthetic material. This weather calls for loose, flowing clothing that allows your skin to breathe and lets the air in. This means no tight jeans, tops and cardigans. Don’t forget to avoid black and dark colours – pastels and whites are the best to avoid absorbing the heat. Think loose dresses, palazzo pants, gypsy skirts and blouses. Channel your inner boho style queen and work with that.



Your accessories to top it all off! This is the perfect time to pick up a pair of killer shades that will always make a statement. Select one that flatters your face shape and can be worn with everything. If you must be outside, try ditching the Sri Lankan Umbrella look at go for a wide-brimmed floppy hat instead? It keeps your hands free and ups your style game. Bonus! Adjust your hair for the heat up trying cute up-do’s, loose braids and side ponytails that keep your hair from making you sweat and sticking to your neck. The French braid is perfect for the boho look and will stay in place all day.

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Sharanya Sekaram has harboured a passion for writing for longer than she can remember. She uses the opportunity to write on any and everything when possible - and believes that words can change lives. Sharanya also has an obsession with simplicity and straightforwardness being used in all aspects of one’s life.

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