Beach Time – Picking the Best Swimsuit For Your Body

Ah the dreaded swimsuit purchase trip. This is where we become painfully aware of all the flaws our body has and the parts we really hate. Don’t let a lack of body confidence keep you from enjoying yourself – we are here to help! Check out these easy tips that will have you picking your perfect swimsuit and rocking it with all the confidence in the world!

Tip 1: Know What You Want to Hide

This is the best place to start – what do you hate and would rather not put on display? For example, I am very conscious of my thighs and tummy while I have a friend who hates her arms. When you know what you want to hide then you know where to begin and what to eliminate right away.

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Tip 2: What Do You Love to Flaunt?

Do you love your hips? Show off your chest? What about your booty that you have dedicated many squats to? Think about the parts you love then you can work around that.

Tip 3: How Do You Accessories?

I love wearing a sarong or beach wrap with my swimsuit so a two piece works great for that. If you love an oversized tshirt – then a tankini or one-piece works great. Think about where you are going and if you need pockets to carry stuff or cover up easily.

Tip 4: Colours and Patterns

There is SO much more out there than you think – and this is important as it plays off your body. Black is slimming and bold patterns accentuate curves. White makes your chest look bigger and pastels make edges softer. Bright colours draw the eye and darker colours camouflage. Think about all these when you look at the options.

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Tip 5: Love Yourself

The best way to wear swimwear (or anything) is to remember you are gorgeous, beautiful and look stunning if you wear it with confidence! Wear a big smile and flaunt it!

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