Rid the unwanted mane

Excess body hair in any place other than the scalp could be a concern for most- both men and women alike. However thanks to science there are now ways to part with unwanted hair.


Laser Hair Removal



One of the most popular options when it comes to permanent hair removal. It Takes up to six to twelve sessions depending on the person. The light from the laser destroys the hair at the root. The laser is safe to be performed anywhere on the face or body except the eye region. The laser is not suitable for the extremely dark skin as the light can absorb and cause pigmentation. These treatments are mostly performed under the supervision of a doctor and hospitals such as Asiri Central, Nawaloka and individual clinics such as the Skin clinic offer the service.


E – One IPL


This is one of the first methods that is medically approved for personal use. Again it uses Intense Pulsed light to get rid of hair where usually the treated hair will fall off anywhere between 7-21 days. The hair growth gradually decreases over time – mostly between 8-10 sessions. The treatment is suitable for any skin type except extremely dark skin and very light hair. Protective gear such as glasses provided should be worn during treatment. This service is offered currently by the Estheti Centre in Colombo.



Even though not very popular in Sri Lanka, Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that again helps with getting rid of unwanted hair on either the face or body. The treatment destroys the growth centre of the hair follicle either with chemical or heat energy. A very thin fine probe is inserted into the skin’s surface after which the hair is removed with tweezers.



These methods have proved to be successful in getting rid of hair or reducing and thinning hair growth significantly. It could actually turn out to be less costly than waxing and shaving in the long run.

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