Is there any way that you can get skin care + make up at the same time?

Skin peels, serums, moisturizers, SPF sunscreen, primers. It can be really tricky to decode what you really need to use on your skin. What’s trickier is – finding out if these can be used under makeup. What comes first? Navigating on how to layer your skin care products and beauty products can be confusing.

Skin care experts and dermatologists often advice to maintain good skin care routine to make sure your skin stays healthy. Anti-ageing serums will make sure your skin stays well hydrated and toned. But how does this all add up to your daily makeup routine?

Balancing Skin Care and Makeup

Always stick to the basics of skin care – cleanse, moisturize, rehydrate. Choose a Face wash that suits your skin best. If you have a lot of acne, find a suitable Face wash that helps keep those pores at bay. Your moisturizer will also play a bigger role in your skin care routine. Just like your Face wash, your moisturizer will also need to be something suitable for your skin. Look for oily, dry or combination based moisturizers, and pick one that suits your skin tone best.

Serums and SPF based moisturizers can also make sure your skin gets the best care it deserves. If you have sensitive skin, always be cautious of using a new product.
Once your basic skin care routine is sorted, you can move onto your basic make up routine. Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Lip stain, eye shadow, eyeliner, and Mascara- all layered to perfection. If you would like to skip the moisturizer, you can always opt for a tinted BB cream, that functions as a great moisturizer, an SPF cream and a subtle daywear foundation.

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