How to Fix Your Beauty Mistakes

The internet is ruthless because it assumes all of us are the perfect divas and suggests how to maintain our good looks (wink, wink) but then there are some of us who have no time or can admit (albeit shamefully) that we don’t give our bodies its due care. We don’t take the necessary precautions to maintain our hair, face and skin to keep it intact in “eternal glory”. And so we need to fix our mistakes.
The common beauty errors and how to resolve them:

1. Hair Damage

Who doesn’t love to flaunt their gorgeous hair? And so we go to any extreme to change its texture, style and colour. But then you neglect the required post treatment and grieve over damaged hair.

Trim your hair, use restorative shampoos and conditioners which can add moisture but do not shampoo more than twice a week. Avoid styling tools such as ironing and curling machines. Stay away from chemicals and indulge in oil treatments. Water, fruits, veggies and Omega-3 fatty acids along with herbal and natural oil treatments can restore dry, damaged, thinning and brittle hair.

2. Sunburn

Yet again forgot to apply the sunscreen lotion?

Be kind to your sunburnt skin by wearing loose soft clothes while apply moisturizing lotions that contain Aloe Vera. Use a cool compress with ice water to soothe the skin and natural remedies such as yoghurt, cocoa butter and milk will help too. If the inflammation and skin irritation is extreme, opt for painkillers.

3. Eyebrow Regrowth

That terrible moment after you realize your eyebrows are of different thickness after an eyebrow plucking session.

You need to let it grow back so that you don’t make it too thin and create an eccentric look to your face. Meanwhile exfoliate the skin around your eyebrows to stimulate quicker hair growth. Nourish your eyebrows olive oil, Vitamin E or castor oil in order to nudge them to grow faster.

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