How to deal with acne

Dealing with acne is no easy task. It is usually one that is mastered (or not so much) through years of trial and error. Be it hormonal imbalances, stress or pollution, your acne is forever waiting to make a comeback! Irrespective of the number of hours spent towards preventing this, there’s always likelihood that they do make an appearance. So, be prepared for when it does!

First things first – when that zit does pop up out of nowhere, as tempting as it may seem to fiddle with it and get rid of it – DON’T. Not only are you making things worse for yourself, the scar that will take its place might actually take longer to heal than the minuscule zit you just broke.

If you do use spot treatments – ensure that you apply it to only to the affected area. Applying such treatments all over your face might not work favourably for the rest of the skin.

Avoid using face scrubs as this will only damage the skin near the affected area even further. Instead, opt for using mild cleansers that suit you skin! These cleansers will also help prevent any further breakouts.

Moisturize! The excessive use of products may result in skin becoming dry and more susceptible to breakouts. Thus, moisturizing your skin will help prevent this from happening too often as it helps keep your pores remain open!
However, if you are someone who has a breakout quite regularly, you may want to rethink your current routine and also adopt a few basic guidelines in your day to day life. Simple things such as changing your pillowcase every day or every few days may reduce the amount of bacteria that comes into contact with your face.

On the topic of keeping it clean. Make sure to clean your phone screen at least once a day. Given that your phone comes into contact with your skin quite often, it is necessary that you keep it clean so your skin is safe too!

Last but not least – stick to a routine! Finding the right products and using them accordingly might be your best bet in getting rid of acne and preventing them in the future. Don’t postpone that dermatologist’s appointment because your skin can not wait!

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