Grooming that is a MUST: Love Yourself

To not judge a book by its cover is easily said than done.

No! I am not referring to all the branded makeup and attire we wear to achieve that picture-perfect look to up our status on social media. As social beings in this fast moving world, basic body care is essential to make positive real-life connections with those around us.The following five pointers sum up the basics to uplift your confidence without makeup.

01. Under-arm care

Armpits: the place of origin for embarrassing odour. However using a deodorant can save you from trouble. If you perspire more I suggest you use an antiperspirant. This limits the sweat.
Keep your armpit hair-free because this reduces sweat being trapped which becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. Added benefit: looks esthetical when wearing sleeveless.


02. Oral Care

Oral care isn’t limited to religiously brushing our teeth at least twice a day. Flossing and using a good mouth wash are both essential to maintain our teeth plaque-free and ward off bad-breath. Flossing kits and mouth wash are widely available in pharmacies and supermarkets. If you have a condition that gives out bad breath, have mint or mouth spray with you to avoid embarrassment.


03. Care for your crotch

Apparel industry has introduced an assortment of lingerie out of which most don’t allow capacious breathing for the skin around. This may result in undesired odour. This could be distinctly noticed during period in women, if they do not give ample attention to keep the area clean. You could apply deodorant to your inner thigh to keep the area odour-free if you tend to wear tight clothing for long durations.


04. Hand and feet care

The way you maintain your hands and feet say a lot about you. Keeping them hair-free is desired but not necessary. It’s all about keeping them fresh and well-moist. Use a good moisturizer to begin with. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin moist. Have a moisturizer with you all the time and apply as and when needed, especially if you’re under the A/C.


05. Hair care

While it’s nice to embrace the hair you have, making sure it flatters your persona is essential. Retaining it dandruff-free and healthy are basics. Also check out the cutting-edge hair trends that suit you.


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