Glam Up Your Nails

Despite all the money you spend on cosmetics and hair care products, there are only so many times you can admire your beautifully made face or hairstyle in the mirror or your selfies! But your hands – the most highly neglected parts of the body – is what you end up seeing so often and thus the ones that you can pamper a little bit more! Explore a set of creative ideas to glam up your nails.

1. Mirrored Nail Polish


This one’s been around for some time now but nevertheless continues to be the ultimate stunner. Also known as chrome nails with its reflective glossy finish, this trend comes with a fascinating array of shades to play around with.

Apply a base coat, a few layers of chrome nail polish and finish it off with a top coat. For a special occasion, accessorize your outfit with only mirrored nails for a chic and sophisticated style.

Try various alternate ways to get creative with mirrored nail polish. You can combine it with matte nail polish for intricate nail art or choose to give a chrome effect merely to the tips of the nails.

2. Nail Shapes

If you are bored of carrying around the same nail shape for years, now is the time to give some extra work for those nail clippers and filers.

1. Squared – the nail tips are square shaped, best left at shorter length.
2. Round – flat, round tips, ideally short.
3. Oval – similar to round, but a bit longer than that and with a softer curve at the tips.
4. Squoval – combination of oval and square, straight squared tips with round edges.
5. Almond – longer nails which tapers at the tips.
6. Squareletto – much lengthier version of almond shape, but with squared tip.
7. Stiletto – pointy and very very long so you have to be very patient to achieve this shape.
8. Lipstick – an oblong shape that looks similar to a new lipstick.

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