Dark Lip Woes?

Dark lips dull the face and limit your options of lipstick shades because honestly speaking, you cannot simply apply lighter tones of lipstick without concealers and we know how annoying it can be. Natural dark lips or the result of consuming harmful substances or habits, read on to find how to get rid of dark lips.

Let’s get the Don’ts out of the way:

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  1. Avoid being exposed to UV rays because it causes pigmentation and dark spots on lips. When it is unavoidable, use a lip balm with SFP.
  2. Give up on those extra caffeine you are accustomed to on a daily basis. Tea/coffee can darken lips so cut down on its intake.
  3. If you smoke, this is a good reason why you might have to consider getting rid of the habit for good.
  4. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy cheap cosmetics. If you frequently use lipstick, indulge in branded products that use high quality and natural ingredients to prevent the side effects of harmful substances in your cosmetics.

Home Remedies

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Try easy DIYs to get rid of dark lips:

  1. Honey, rose petals & milk – Can be used together or separately. Dab honey on your lips with a cotton ball and leave it on for a few minutes. Another option is to mix rose petals with milk and dab it on with a tissue. You could also make a paste with honey and rose petals.
  2. Other home remedies – pomegranate juice, beetroot, apple cider vinegar diluted with water and granulated sugar paste (natural sugar and water) are other effective options for lighter lips.


Products to Use

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Ingredients or lip scrubs and exfoliators

  1. Exfoliate – Remove dead skin cells from lips using a baby toothbrush. You can either use natural ingredients or lip scrubs and exfoliators
  2. Lip Lightening Creams
  3. Lip Balms – Hydrate lips with adequate intake of water and use lip balms
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