Bye-Bye Blackheads: Dealing with Blackheads

The tiny black spots sprinkled on the nose giving a coarse texture are definitely not the best of sights. Having said that, did you know that 50% of adolescents deal with blackheads at some point in their lives, experiencing a plethora of embarrassment among their peers? Removing blackheads using abrasive scrubs and squeezing or picking are temporary solutions which will only worsen the condition and result in scarring.

There are methods you could use at home to treat and even get rid of them depending on the severity of your condition. Remember to moisturize following the given methods.

1. Egg-white mask

Wash face with warm water and gently pat with a dry towel. Apply egg white on the affected area and cover it with tissue to prevent it dripping and let it dry. Repeat process over dry-tissue 2-3 times max. Make sure the layer of egg-white dries between applications. Leave it till your face feels tight and wash with warm water again.


2. Lime juice

This gem of a citrus fruit comes handy for many conditions including dandruff. Contributes to contract the size of the pores slightly preventing future blackheads. Keep freshly squeezed lime juice in a bottle and use 3-4 times a week. Dab a bit on cotton-ball and apply over affected area. If you plan to go out after the treatment, make sure to apply ample sunscreen.


3. Scrub and Moisturize

A natural scrub such as sugar is your best bet. Keep in mind that excessive scrubbing dries your skin, provoking the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum that might clog the pores causing blackheads to re-appear. Mix coconut oil and granulated sugar at 1:1 ratio and make a thick paste. Wash your face with warm water to open the pores and use the scrub concentrating more on the affected area. Moisturize after washing off.


Remember blackheads aren’t dirt, but unwashed-makeup, dead skin and excessive sebum produced that clogs the pores. Out of plenty of solutions available, use the ones that best fit you, depending on your skin type, convenience and resources. Do not forget to follow directions for optimal results. To prevent blackheads and maintain your skin, use a deep-cleansing face foam twice a day and get rid of those dead cells and makeup residue.

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