5 Fabulous Hijabi Beauty Bloggers

Many Islamic women wear the hijab, and it has evolved from a simple headscarf to a symbol of beauty, resistance, and a fashion movement. Hijabi beauty bloggers have been growing, showing women how to embrace their culture alongside beauty trends – and creating a whole new genre of beauty blogging. Here are 5 fabulous hijabi women who are taking the beauty world by storm:

01. Nura Afia

Born in American, Nura is of Lebanese origin and has over 213,000 YouTube subscribers and 300,000 Instagram followers. In 2016 CoverGirl name her their brand ambassador – and she is the first hijab-wearing Muslim woman to ever gain this position. Nura also models and has done photoshoots for many modest clothing brands

02. Sondos Alqattan

Known for her attention-getting eye looks, Sondos is from Kuwait and works as a full time makeup artist. She has become one of the most followed regional makeup artists being featured in numerous beauty blog and publications. She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and is rapidly rising in fame

03. Sabina Hannan

This 21 year old is known as the ‘Queen of Eyebrows’ and all you have to do is look at those perfectly sculpted brows to know it is true! Sabina via her Instagram and Youtube styles some stunning, sleek looks that has had her fan base grow. Check out her Get Ready With Me video’s that showcase her great taste

04. Melanie Elturk

Melanie Elturk is the CEO of Haute Hijab (hautehijab.com), an online brand for modest fashion. Melanie aims to instill self-confidence in hijab-wearing women worldwide, and in addition to her clothing and hijab line, she facilitates support for those struggling with hijab in addition to highlighting inspiring women who contribute to their communities in significant ways.

05. Saman Munir

Saman is a beauty blogger and stylist who inspires women around the globe. Her makeup lessons on YouTube are a must-see, and she's famous for her hijab styling. Hijabs modesty is a virtue to Saman and she rocks the look. She also sells cool hijabs, shawls and underscarves.
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