3 Easy Tips To Organize Your Beauty Products

Despite where you fall on the ‘makeup junkie’ range, organizing your beauty products will definitely make your life so much easier than you think. No more rummaging through your ‘product bag’ to search for that lip colour that you keep for only special occasions.
I know I know. You might think that organizing your beauty products does sound a little ‘nerdy’ and time consuming. However trust me you will be thanking me once you find out how easy it’s to find you stuff!

Here are a few organizational tips to help you kick start the process.

Sort and categorize

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Take out all your beauty products and try sorting them into categories that suit your needs. Here are a few that I came up with while organizing my corner: creams, makeup brushes, foundation, mascaras, eye liners, bobby pins, safety pin, lipsticks, and that one glitter thing that you have! You can also categorize your stuff according to the occasions that you attend, for instance work, special occasions, night out, casual wear. You get the picture right! Whatever works for you and while you are at it make sure you clean out the products you don’t use by giving it to friends and family. Just throw away anything that is expired!

Find a space in your room


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Your beauty products need some space! It’s doesn’t have to be one of those top notch fancy corners, just any small space will do, even if it’s on a table. Just find a place where you can access everything at once without having to run around during rush hours trying to find your foundation corner!

Make a ‘duplicates corner’

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You are bound to have a few duplicates, especially if you get your makeup from abroad. Clear out a small shelf or get a box for duplicates and the next time you run out of something check their first before going to the store to buy it!

I know it may not sound like much but you will save yourself a lot of hassle by doing these three simple tips! There are several places you can find makeup organizers in Colombo. Try Majestic City jewelry shops, or even online shopping places like catchme.lk, and wow.lk etc.
Happy organizing!

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