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Taking care of our skin in the hills!

Let’s be honest, we talk a lot about the damage our skin sustains from the sun, but what about cold weather? What about those of us who live in the…

Rainbow Hair! (Or How To Dye Young)

Go look into a mirror. Do a hair flip. Fluff it out. Run your fingers through it. Feeling bored? And I mean the kind of ennui that means you know y…

How to combat A/C Skin!

I’m pretty sure we can’t live without air conditioning, I mean it’s bad enough that we have to walk through the intense sunlight when we’re running…

How To Take Care of City Skin

Living in the city is fun! There’s lots of different places to go to, lots of cool people to meet and so many things to do. But the city also has a…

Jeans Update

Kelly Felder Price Range Rs 3000 – 4000 (quite reasonable given the quality and stitch) Waist size 27 upwards Variation in styles, including a numb…