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Dealing with pervs

You know the feeling, you’ve styled your hair in a way you really like, you’ve got a top on that makes you feel good and those new shoes you …

Cutting edge Hair-trender

Who doesn’t want to have their finger on the pulse of the recent fashion trends….and that includes hair. Fitting in is boring, but stan…

Steps to Avoid Make Up Allergies

It’s nothing short of a nightmare when the very products that were meant to enhance your beauty tampers with your look. Not just ruining your day, …

Coloured Henna

Henna, also known as mehendi is a body art adorned by women for centuries. Natural henna comes from a plant named LawsoniaInermus. The colour varie…

Better than Foundation (PONDS)

Women can easily discard their convenience when it comes to beauty: stilettos that pinch your toes, tight clothing that are an utmost discomfort an…

Embracing Your Body Type

We are constantly being bombarded with images in the media – be it movies, reality tv, music videos, the fashion industry etc. that show us o…

Costume Ideas!

Stuck at home one day before Halloween because you don’t have an idea for a costume?? Your friends are sharing pictures on chat groups and yo…

Building a work wardrobe

When you’re done with your final exams,you deserve a chance to just relax and have some fun because you’re finally done with school and adult…